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Diagnosis and Investigation treatment discount

Medication Discount Card

According to the following medications may be used to treat Diagnosis and Investigation :

Drug List
Brand: Adreview
Generic: iobenguane I 123
Class: diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals
Brand: Aridol Kit
Generic: Mannitol 20%
Class: miscellaneous diuretics
Brand: Bexxar Dosimetric
Generic: tositumomab
Class: radiologic conjugating agents , CD20 monoclonal antibodies
Brand: BexxarTherapeutic
Generic: tositumomab
Class: CD20 monoclonal antibodies , radiologic conjugating agents
Brand: Chirhostim
Class: in vivo diagnostic biologicals
Brand: Cysview Kit
Generic: hexaminolevulinate
Brand: Datscan
Generic: ioflupane I 123
Class: diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals
Brand: Gastromark
Generic: ferumoxsil
Class: magnetic resonance imaging contrast media
Brand: Glucagen Hypokit
Generic: Glucagon Emergency
Class: glucose elevating agents
Brand: Human Secretin
Class: in vivo diagnostic biologicals
Brand: Iodotope
Generic: Sodium Iodide I 131
Class: antithyroid agents , therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals
Brand: L-Arginine
Class: in vivo diagnostic biologicals , oral nutritional supplements
Brand: Lexiscan
Generic: regadenoson
Class: cardiac stressing agents
Brand: Lymphazurin
Generic: Isosulfan Blue
Class: lymphatic staining agents
Brand: Provocholine
Generic: methacholine
Class: miscellaneous uncategorized agents
Brand: R-gene 10
Class: in vivo diagnostic biologicals , oral nutritional supplements
Brand: Thyrogen
Generic: thyrotropin alpha
Class: in vivo diagnostic biologicals , thyroid drugs

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This prescription discount card cannot be used in conjunction with insurance. However, some members find they save more when using the card rather than there prescription coverage.

This Diagnosis and Investigation discount should not be confused with Diagnosis and Investigation > coupon while they are essentially the same this discount card only needs to be handed to your pharmacist once and will provide continuous savings every time your prescription is filled. The only time you will need to use it again is if you change pharmacies.