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Alkylating Agents

Drug List
Brand: Alkeran
Generic: Melphalan Hydrochloride
Brand: Bicnu
Generic: carmustine
Brand: Busulfex
Generic: busulfan
Brand: Ceenu
Generic: lomustine
Brand: Cytoxan
Generic: Cyclophosphamide
Brand: Cytoxan Lyophilized
Generic: Cyclophosphamide
Brand: Dtic-dome
Generic: Dacarbazine
Brand: Eloxatin
Generic: Oxaliplatin
Brand: Gliadel
Generic: carmustine
Brand: Ifex
Generic: Ifosfamide/Mesna Kit
Brand: Leukeran
Generic: chlorambucil
Brand: Mustargen
Generic: mechlorethamine
Brand: Myleran
Generic: busulfan
Brand: Neosar
Generic: Cyclophosphamide
Brand: Paraplatin
Generic: Carboplatin
Brand: Platinol
Generic: Cisplatin
Brand: Platinol-AQ
Generic: Cisplatin
Brand: Temodar
Generic: Temozolomide
Brand: Thioplex
Generic: Thiotepa
Brand: Treanda
Generic: bendamustine
Brand: Zanosar
Generic: streptozocin